premium uniforms that showcase heritage

Among the first benefits of sourcing uniform bulk Suppliers like Kiratham is that schools are availed the advantages of mass production: cost saving, uniformity in design and style, as well as colour, including availability of uniforms all year round. With the burden of parents sourcing for uniforms or schools sourcing uniforms for individual students taken up by Kiratham, schools are then left to focus on their core competencies. Kiratham ensures uniforms of the highest possible standard, in terms of fabric and style, are delivered to schools. They are premium quality school and college uniforms, which are easy to wash, iron and wear. They are specially designed apparel that meets comfort needs and boosts the corporate image of schools and other institutions. Kiratham brings its unique professionalism to bear in helping schools and institutions determine their uniform needs, bearing in mind the peculiar need of each school’s identity. Uniforms, if well designed and delivered, help to convey a school’s unique character and heritage At Kiratham, we specialise in delivering this experience.