Arming schools with manipulatives to make Mathematics enjoyable

Research has shown that many school have struggled, and still continue to struggle to make the study of Mathematics interesting and engaging. Without the interest, students cannot be engaged. With Mathermatics continuing to play an incresingly Important rote In students’ progress and career choices, building a foundation for this subject early in the life of a student is imperative. It is easy to lose interest In Mathematics. Now do you move from the abstract to the concrete when teaching patterns, measurement, geometry, statistics and probability, which are fundamental to Mathematics? ?that is where the use of manipulatives come in! manipulatives are powerful tools for supporting teaching of Mathematics, which help to move the abstract topics to concrete shapes that students can easily relate to. In addtion, math manipulative, build students’ confidence by giving them a way to test and confirm, their reasoning, and also make learning Mathematics Interesting and enjoyable for primary and junior secondary schools. Kiratham has a wide and varied range of Mathematical Teaching and Learning Manipulative, that enable every  teacher to impart and inculcate interest in Mathematics in their students. these make a very visual and interactive tool for students to easily learn Mathematics. Wth the support of Kiratham, you can transform the fear  for mathematics among your students to a phase where they will enjoy their time in the classroom. thus, boosting their confidence. This will certainly lift performance in Mathematics and help students prepare for better career choices.