train the trainer programs

Unique train-the-teacher programmes for the modern schoool

Teachers are one of the most important elements in the school ecosystem. Skills and quality of the teaching staff are directly related to a student’s performance. At Kiratham, we believe teachers require regular training to arm themselves with modern teaching methods, classroom management, child psychology and specific management methods to make them the best teachers possible. Because education is a constantly evolving sector, it is imperative to invest in teachers so as to ensure that pedagogy is constantly aligned with the latest developments across many fields that have an impact the education sector. Kiratham’s train-the-teacher programmes come in several modules modelled to me the specific needs of each schooI.

 Although educational platforms such as Learning Management Systems and Learning Content Management Systems and Learning Content Management systems are critical to providing effective education solutions, however, without a cadre of teachers that are on top of their game, all that resource will be optimised. A well trained teacher can utilise these resources to make learning fun and engaging, directly making an impact in the ability of schools to be competitive.