my clean-incinerator

MyClean, the innovative sanitary napkin disposal machine

The question has always been: How do you dispose used sanitary napkins without causing nuisance to the environment or blocking pipes in a girls dormitory, or large office? Which is the best route to proper Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) that will remove the stigma associated with menstruation, guaranteeing the health, dignity, self-esteem and privaty of millions of adolescent girls and women? DMEDTEC This is where MyClean, an innovative, trendy, easy-to- install and use napkin incinerator is especially useful. MyClean burns a used napkin at very high temperature and leaves only 1gm of ash at the end of the process. These machines can be installed inside the toilet or the common area in a girls dormitory. MyClean not only saves schools and institutions the of constant repairs of blocked pipes as a result of clogging by disposed sanitary napkins, it also helps schools contribute their quota in saving the environment from piles of used sanitary napkins.