Student placement services in Indian and International institutions

Kiratham has partnered with leading universities and colleges in India and abroad with the objective of availing students desirous of acquiring world-class education and there after graduating with a globally recognised degree, the opportunity to do so. Kiratham’s pedigree in seeking the best places in university for students is well established. Our education placement services include seeking admissions to universities, processing visas and travel logistics, among others, designed to ensure that students integrate seamlessly into the education system in their university and country of their choice. Students desirous of acquiring education in medicine, medical bio-sciences, petroleum engineering and other areas of study, are assured of affordable professional services that will lead to achieving their dreams. 

In addition, Kiratham continuously monitors the progress of students to ensure that they do not encounter challenges or that when they do, these challenges are quickly managed in the shortest possible time. This value add enables students study in a hitch-free manner Our network of partner universities include the leading universities in India, the United Kingdom, Europe Bangladesh, Nepal, among many others. Our close to a decade experience placing students in their choice universities helps to ease the stress which parents and students normally face when seeking admission into the top universities across the world.