Equipping institute's labs with modern equipment

Institute’s across the world, not just in India, have the critical challenge of sourcing modem equipment for their Physics laboratories in a cost-efficient manner. With the proliferation of sub-standard equipment and the pricey nature of original laboratory equipment, Kiratham, takes- on the role of being a lab equipment distributor for various organizations that provide secondary and higher secondary schools, colleges and Universities, with Physics apparatus and equipment Our partnered organizations have over 74 year-rich record of providing Physics equipment for schools, Colleges and Universities for their all classes including B. Sc., M. Sc. and Engineering programmes. With over 300 items in its stable -some of which it manufactures and others sourced from suppliers, these equipment have proven to be durable and impactful in students study and understanding of Physics Some of the equipment includes Potentiometer Kundt s Tube apparatus, Surface Tension apparatus (Capillary Rise Method), Liquid Lens apparatus,among many others , numbering over 300.
the partnership between kiratham and the other organizations will enable schools and colleges anywhere in India to quickly stock up their physics laboratory without overshooting their budget. the partnership also avails schools and colleges after-sales support to ensure that the equipment serves generation of students.