mobile planetariums

A planetarium inside the School campus.

Kiratham brings interesting faraway m Space for the child in school’s secured envin Constellations,satellites and other breathtaking dimensions of space are brought alive before their eyes through advanced 3D projection and state of art audio- visual equipment. This unique experience is now brought to your own school at an affordable fee, so that the children can enjoy and benefit from this educational event. The Planetarium show is the most advanced immersive classroom, a place where people can come to learn just about anything and feel as though they are there. The phrase “The sky is the limit” just got a whole new meaning when it comes tothe immersive classroom While astronomy has recently re-emerged in many Science curriculums, there remains unresolved teaching and learning difficulties peculiar to astronomy education. We urge that ‘mental model building’ should be reflected in astronomy education. Planetariums play a critical role in this aspect.